Ivan Enot-Morning (Remixes Part 2) still hot!

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

We  wanted to say Thank You for all the love and support this past year and wanted to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

You are House Music!

Da Funk-Gloomy Scene Review

It's been around two years since Acryl Music label owner, Da Funk released material on his label. As he breaks the spell, he sends out his latest craft, "Gloomy Scene" fresh from the deep with remixes courtesy of Pablo Fierro, Addex, and GarcyNoise!
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Da Funk-Gloomy Scene (incl. Remixes) out now!

After an almost 2 year long hiatus, Acryl Music's label boss Da Funk is back in time for the 40th release. "Gloomy Scene" is a true filter house monster complete with mid 90ies drum programming, a rolling bassline and weird but funky samples. Oh and did we mention the vocal in the break?

Pablo Fierro's (iRecords, Dark Energy, Cover Music) beautiful interpretation takes the deep and spehrical path here while Addex's (Love Zone, Solid Fabric, Etoka Records) remix impresses with his signature style, somewhere inbetween deep and tech house.
Last but definitly not least we have GarcyNoise (Justified Cause, Om Records) Ibiza's Way remix, tailored for the big room.

Nach fast 2 Jahren Pause ist Acryl Music’s Labelchef Da Funk zurück auf seinem Imprint. Pünklich zum 40. Release rollt ein wahres Filter House-Monster aus dem Studio. „Gloomy Scene“ setzt dabei auf einen pumpenden Beat, eine rollende Bassline und filtert sich vom Anfang bis zum Schluss zum Höhepunkt.
Pablo Fierro (iRecords, Dark Energy, Cover Music) geht bei seinem Dub Mix herrlich sphärisch, reduziert und deep vor.

Der Remix von Addex (Love Zone, Solid Fabric, Etoka Records) besticht durch seinen für Ihn typischen Tech House-Groove. Viel Hall, treibende Hi Hats und jackige Akkorde verleihen dem Remix den perfekten Drive.
Abgerundet wird das Release durch den Ibiza’s Way Remix von GarcyNoise (Justified Cause, Om Records), welcher perfekt für den Big Room geschustert ist.

Release Date:
16.12.2010 (Beatport exclusive)
30.12.2010 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"Liking orig, pablo and addex mixes here....very strong!"
Moodymanc (Dessous, Tsuba, Freerage)

"Original and Garcynoise mix for me !"
Nacho Marco (Freerange, Loud East, Pacha)

"Nothing rocks like the original! Garcynoise's remix is perhaps a bit OTT, but why not? The other mixes round up the EP nicely, good package."
Elmar Schubert (Freerange, Dieb Audio, Satin Souls)

"All tracks are cool with my favourite being the GarcyNoise Rmx. Will play"
The Timewriter (Plastic City, Elektrolux)

"love the original and the pablo fierro dub!"
Pete Moss (Dessous, Recline, Seamless)

"love the ibiza mix, great b-line"
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

" like the oldschool beats and flavour on the original, and the gracynoise mix is a good one too."
Kiko Navarro (Pacha, King Street, Nite Grooves)

Karol XVII & MB Valence (Loco, Acryl Music)

"very nice release...floorfiller!!!"
Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City, Acryl Music)

"very nice Ep!!!great energy & deep! FULL SUPPORT!
My favourites for Pablo Fierro & Addex rmx. congralutations !"
Christoph Kardek (Love Zone, Atal, Fiat Lux)

"Great release ! Original & Pablo mix are both excellent. Keep it deep"
Ocean Gaya (Love Zone, Acryl Music, Plastic City)

"pablio fierro dub is the one for me. every mix is solid!"
Nick Holder (Nrk)

"Pablo's remix is excellent, good work there"
Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque)

"Yooooooo, fantastic release... Love full EP"
Sendos Fuera (Extremely House Music, Short Records, Ibiza Sonica)

"god job brothers magninifike ep. dubman full support"
Dubman F. (Perception, Cherry Pickers, Disex)

"Original mix and garcynoise mix are my favourites tracks. Super powerful and groove."
Satour (Justified Cause, Dubhe, Black Mamba)

"Great package!For me, the original track!
Hitch (Young Odds, Khazuma, Deep Class)

"Nice one, thanks for sending. full support!"
Ramon Castells (Space Ibiza, Vendetta)

"Absolutely love the original mix here... monsta!"
DJ Inc. (Tempo ATL, Proton Radio)

"very nice package! original is solid, also remixes are wicked.."
Latenta Project (Wavesurfing, Plastic City, Sick Watona)

"original and pablo's remix for me :)"
Hisham Zahran (Union Jack, Acryl Music, Dyami)

"I'm really digging this release, all the mixes are spot on, but the original mix is the pick of the package for me."
Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded, Ministry Of Sound Radio)

"Thanks feeling Garcynoise´s mix!"
Pablo Sanchez (House Café Music)

"Love the original, sounds like a big ass groove!"
Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box, Proton)

"Nice Package. Addex Remix is definitely the one for us here. Just as we like it. Full support"
The Messenger (Soul Industries, iRecords, Plastic City)

"Great pack as always!Pablo's & Alex's remixes are my picks!"
Nestora (Acryl Music, Disclosure Project)

"Pablo Fierro did great job with the track! Beautiful sounds and amazing flow! Thanks!"
Kyka (Cabrio, Open Bar, In Deep)

"Been playing the original since summer, love it!!"
Dibby Dougherty (Baroque, Lowbit, Dutchie)

"Nice tunes i here...My fav is the groovy remix from Addex.Cool!"
Alex V (Sophisticate, Night Drive, Justified Cause)

"Addex remix is on the crest of wave! Will play in my gigs and radioshows."
Vincent Inc. (Manuscript, Toto)

"It's all about music from the Canaries ;-) Thanks my dear, the dub mix is yummy!!!"
Nadja Lind (Klartraum, Soma, Darkroom Dubs)

"Woaaaaaaa wicked track Daniel!!! Original rocks!!! Full support."
Dan Welton (Recovery Tech, Rawthentic, Timbee)

"very nice all mixes but original and Pablos remix my fav"
Dima Promo (iRecords, Acryl Music, Loco)

"nice release! specially the original & garcynoise's!"
Sandro Bianchi (Loca FM Madrid)

"Great EP. Love all the mixes, my pick would have to be Pablo's, its an amazing deep mover. like the original also, but Pablo's will be getting hammered great work."
JP Phillippe (Disclosure Project)

"Pablo and Garcy mixes are for me. will play !"
Sezer Uysal (Afterglow, Brown Eyed Boyz, Loco)

"love all mixes. What a great original. Wicked. Will have so much fun playing it for sure"
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica)

"really good ep! all track are good, but Pablo Fierro is my fav."
Fer Ferrari (Deep Class Records)

"review to follow"
Bleed (De:Bug)

"Pablo rmx sounds good"
Angel Molina (Sonar Music, Minifunk)

"Good Funky sound... Pablo Fierro Dub Mix is for me... Thanks!!"
Marcos Latrach (Real Music, Formula, Pressure)

"mooth & Deep! Great Track with the perfect variety of mixes....Loving the Pablo fierro dub and Garcy Noise Ibiza remix."
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"Good ep 4/5 , like the original and Addex remix most."
Microphunk (Deeper Shades Of House, Pesto)

"Excellent work on Gloomy Scene and once again - Depth Comes As Priceless After The Drop of the Track!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"Great release from Acryl ! i like a lot the orig mix and the remixes are excellent ..My fav is Pablo Fierro dub"
Ilias Katelanos (Love Zone, In Deep Records)

"Original is the best! Thank you, Dany! :)"
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"Nice remix by Addex"
Fabien Kamb (Low Flow, Body Rhythm)

"I really like pablos dub..."
Lou Lamar (Zurich by House, Ibiza Global Radio)

"I love it all tracks! Great work guys! 8/10"
Zuat Zu (Spohisticated)

"Excelent Ep, but my fav in this case is Addex Remix... Nice one!"
DJ Ino (House Café Music)

"I like the original mix, quite disapointed by Pablo Fierro as I really like his productions, the best for me is the Addex mix, thought the Garcynoise would be working for clubs"
Bruno From Ibiza (Café Del Mar, Ibiza Sonica)

"Great! will play Pablo Fierro Dub!!!"
Sergey Sanchez (Propaganda Club, Moscow)

"Full support on this nice release! Pablo Fierro's and GarcyNoise's are my favourites"
Christian Hawk (High Definition Records)

Francesco Farfa (Space Ibiza, Ibiza Sonica)

"Even I find GarcyNoise remix suitable for dance floor, Pablo Fierro seems like he has a point which figures how deep it should be. Love it."
Onur Ozman (Acryl Music, Rebirth, Next Dimension)

"pablo has pretty much knocked it out of the stadium into the car park here, great remix by him ...full support."
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project, Elevation, Acryl Music)

"Real nice package where to choose from,Thanks!!
Etoka's man did a straightforward deep tune just the way I like them!!
Addex Remix is the one for me, together with Pablo's interpretation of Gloomy Scene, soft, melodic & groovy."
Alvaro Hylander (iRecords, Acryl Music)

"nice ! Pablo fierro is my favorite, support from Paris is underground!"
Yohan Esprada (Deso, Next Dimension, Soul Heat)

"Added Remix and GarcyNoise are my favs, great work"
Sven Jacobsen (Outside The Box, Deepflight, Caballero)

"Da Funk does the business once more - Pablo Fierro Dub's got a great groove - but so much to enjoy here!"
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"pablo does it once again. very nice. will play."
Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya)

"really nice!"
Jevne (Onethirty Recordings)

"like original and Addex remix but GarcyNoize my fav. very dancefloor mix love it!"
Deep Maker (Acryl Music, Galvanik)

"BRILLIANT RELEASE! Original and GarcyNoise remixes are the best! Will definitely review this."
Miguel Libre (Motionmigs)

"good production"
Greg Fenton (Soularis, Guidance)

"Great e.p with fantastic productors. Full support"
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)

"Max Support! Good!"
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove Italy)

"Impressive .. all the tunes bump along .. stand out would be GarcyNoise & Original "
Simon (Deepsouth Audio)

Out now!

iDJ Mag Review

Ivan Enot-Morning still hot!

Helly Larson-Gimme More E.P. out now!

Berlin deep house producer Lars Helbig aka. Helly Larson with his debut on Acryl Music. The four-Tracker contains the originals "Gimme More" and "Can't Come Down" besides two remixes of "Gimme More".

The name given "Gimme More" stands out by its Detroit-influenced deepness,
spherical pad's and an oppressive bass, as "Can't Come Down"'s groovy tech-houser structures highlighting a neat lead melody.

Big Al's Chuck Nut remix of "Gimme More" comes along reduced and jackin', while the "Never Enough Edit" of Riccicomoto's deep and techy interpretation rounds off the package perfectly.

Mit der Gimme More E.P. liefert der Berliner Deep House Produzent Lars Helbig aka. Helly Larson (Shayan Music, Sensual Touch, Soul Industries) sein Debüt auf Acryl Music ab. Der Vier-Tracker bringt neben dem Titeltrack „Gimme More" ein weiteres Original Namens „Can’t Come Down" und zwei Remixe von „Gimme More".

„Gimme More" besticht dabei durch seine detroitig angehauchte Deepness, sphärische Flächen und ein drückender Bass. „Can’t Come Down" drückt ein wenig mehr aufs Tempo und groovt tech-housig mit einer zierlichen Lead-Melodie gen Ende.

Der Big Al’s Chuck Nut Remix von Gimme More ist deutlich reduzierter als das Original und hat sich dem jackenden Groove verschrieben, während der Never Enough Edit von Riccicomoto sehr deep, flächig und technoid das Gesamtpaket perfekt abrundet.

Release Date:
17.11.2010 (Beatport exclusive)
15.12.2010 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"Liking all tracks here. Will be playing it."
Nacho Marco (Loud East, Freerange, Pacha)

"we are into the Gimme more!!"
Wagon Cookin (Compost, Odori, Freerange)

"Great release!"
Jamie Anderson (Harthouse, Frontroom, Nrk)

"I really like the dubby chords, definitely a Main Steet influence in here, which is always good."
Elmar Schubert (Freerange, Satin Souls)

"proper deepness from helly, as awaited - very good tracks, remixes good as well!"
Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul, Re:Jazz, Urban Torque)

Danny Tenaglia (Global Underground, React, Ultra)

"Great stuff!!"
Pablo Fierro (Cover Music, iRecords, Dutchie)

"Helly delivers fat tunes as always. Lovin' it!Can't Come Down and both remixes are HOOOT!Full support!!"
The Messenger (Soul Industries, I Records, Night Drive Music)

"I think Gimme More original mix is the best one in this package"
Onur Ozman (Rebirth, Acryl Music, 2600 Records)

"i'm feeling gimme more and can't come down!"
Mihai Popoviciu (Highgrade, Mood Music, Blu Fin)

"feeling the deepness and detroit vibes of mr. Larson, i will play Gimme More"
Kiko Navarro (Pacha, Vendetta, Nite Grooves)

"Gimme More is great"
Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box, Proton Radio)

"Helly's touch has hold all my attention since his debut. Nice release all along, my favs are both original mixes and Mr Riccicomoto edit."
Ocean Gaya (Love Zone, Plastic City, Acryl Music)

"solid. full support. I also love track 4! Thanks!!!"
Tedd Patterson (Connaisseur, Wave, Black Vinyl)

"HL is quality, both original tracks are great!"
Latenta Project (Wavesurfing, Plastic City, Sick Watona)

"Beautiful melodies and fresh remixes. Gimme more Original and diggin' Riccicomoto's Edit a lot."
Alvaro Hylander (iRecords, Stratospherik, Acryl Music)

"Sendos Fuera Hereeeeeee. Nice release my friend!!! My favourite is Big Al... Allways good music"
Sendos Fuera (Ibiza Soinica, Extremely House Music, S'Hort)

"Like it a lot. full support on my djsets and radio shows. thanks for sending"
Ramon Castells (Space Ibiza)

"Big Al's Chuck Nut Remix really moves. Other tracks are smooth and deep too. Really like it. Very futuristic."
Addex (Love Zone, Plastic City, Etoka)

Joy Kitikonti (Nervous, Aenaria, Mazoom)

Gimme More-Original and Big Al's Remix for my set:) nice!!"
Satoshi Fumi (Apt. International, Urban Torque, Outerspace)

"Big Al's Chuck Nut Remix for me"
Anthony Pappa (React, Renaissance, Bedrock)

"Great pack, guys! Love your label so much! Thanks!!!"
Elastic Sound (Aquamarine, Deepology)

"Support on Big Al's! Nice groove!"
Christian Hawk (High Definition)

"Liking the beats on the Big Al remix, nice release."
Mr. Jones (Disclosure Project, Elevation, De Giraffe)

"download thank u"
Paco Osuna (Minus, Plus 8, Harthouse)

BiG AL’s remix. Nice, nice :)
Art Patrice (Dutchie, ReadyMix, Witty Tunes)
Big Al’s remix is a nice one! Lovely bro.
Raxon (Night Drive Music, Brown Eyed Boyz)
Really like Big AL’s remix. very laid back and groovy.
Dibby Dougherty (Baroque Records)
Big AL’s remix is nice.
Seraphine (Nightbird)
Added the BiG AL remix on our Low Flow radio show in November on Proton Radio.
Krummstoff (Dutchie, ReadyMix, Low Flow)

"very tasty material here, great work - really feelin' "Gimme More""
Craig Stewart (Mn2s, Acryl Music, Seamless)

"gimme more original is the one for me..nice!"
Boris Hotton (Troubled Kids, Caballero, Parquet)

"nice ep.thanks"
Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya)

"Great release! fantastic work from Helly Larson, Gimme More & can't come down original are superb!"
Alex V (Sophisticate, Night Drive, Justified Cause)

"Awesome. What a great sound. Love it. Will give full support"
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica)

"nice package!"
Budai & Vic (I Love Deep, Plastic City)

"Great EP! Full Support!"
Marco Berto (Deep Love, Viva Music, Presslab)

"Both original are the best for me !! I play it with pleasure on my show Progression Session and in my next party !! Thanks !"
Yohan Esprada (Deso, Next Dimension, Soul Heat)

"YAY! Lovin Helly's Sound in general. Thank you Helly for your beautiful music xxx! I can only say: "Gimme More!!!"Riccicomoto's mix is rocking deep dubby sound journey! ACE! Can't believe it's over... here we go again ;-)"
Nadja Lind (Soma, Darkroom Dubs, Lucidflow)

"Gimmie More is my choice from these ones. But the whole EP is proper deep house! Thank you and full support from me!"
Kyka (Cabrio, Open Bar, In Deep)

"Can't Come Down is a beautiful piece of deepness but wait a sec Big Al's remake of Gimme More is way too hot! It actually begs to be played in a peaktime set."
Bios (Loud Society, Acryl Music)

"both tracks are great, my fav is Big Al's mix ! will defo play it. thanks"
Sezer Uysal (Afterglow, Brown Eyed Boyz, Loco)

"Its sooo deep. My style. I will play."
Edground (Grooveland, Brazilian Soul Crew)

"Gimme More original mix is Smoking hot !Great release for one more time from acryl!"
Nestora (Acryl Music, Disclosure Project, In Deep)

"cant come down is really good"
Hisham Zahran (Union Jack, Acryl Music, Dyami)

"The "Can't Come Down" here my fav. But the others Riccimoto's and Big Al's remixes sounding great as well."
Ricky Inch (Cabrio, Ceremony)

"deep like frankman :)"
Lou Lamar (Zurich By House, Ibiza Global Radio)

"track 1 & track two ! great production."
Greg Fenton (Soularis, Guidance)

"Man! Acryl just keeps coming up with the goods! Deep, dark and penetrating! My kind of music!"
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"Deep bounce!"
Nic Johnson (Pacha Ibiza)

"I like all tracks.Full support on radio and live"
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio, Seamless)

"nice stuff as usual from your label"
Bruno From Ibiza (Café Del Mar, Atzaro, Ibiza Sonica)

"downloadin for ricky ryan, thank u!"
Ricky Ryan (Sick Watona, Ava)

My fav is def : "cant come down!" nice groove throughout!!!!!"
Each (Sun City Orchestra, Out Of Orbit, S'hort)

"We like both remixes! Especially Riccicomotto's one. Thank you for the promo!"
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

I like the late night sounds of "Can't Come Down" but Riccicomoto's mix is a close 2nd with the vocal snippets. "
DJ Inc. (Proton Radio)

"Melodically Astounding In Every Sense From The Dance!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"A strong set of remixes"
Russel Deeks (iDJ Magazine)

"A quality package, the Riccicomoto remix the standout cut for me 8/10"
Raymundo Rodriguez (Ministry Of Sound Radio)

"Proper deep house! Loving original and Big Al's Chuck Nut remix, will play it"
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"Very Nice deep Track with beautiful Vocals! This Track playing in my Skylounge in Berlin! The Track 3 is good for warm up Set in the Club!
Great Sound from Acryl Music! Thanks!"
Van Gold Virus (Ibiza 43)

Out now!

Ivan Enot-Morning (Remixes Part 2) out now!

Right after Ivan Enot's fantastic debut on Acryl Music, here we are with the additional remixes. Onur Ozman delivers an interpretation in his traditional manner complete with a funky groove and minimalistic sounds.

Jason Roc's La Terraza Mix reduced and stripped the original to keep the focus on the floor and last but not least we have The Messengers Smokey Morning Mix whose deep and shuffly groove honor's american house from the mid 90ies.

Nach dem fantastischen Deep House Debüt von Ivan Enot’s „Morning“ auf Arcryl Music 037 erscheint nun mit der Nummer 038 das zweite Remix-Paket. Onur Ozman liefert dabei eine treibende Deep House-Nummer ab, die ohne ende groovt und bei der sound auswahl immer mit einem Auge in Richtung Minimal schielt.

Jason Roc’s La Terazza Mix glänzt durch reduktion des originals, dass den fokus noch mehr auf's tanzparkett lenkt.

Abgerundet wird das Package durch den The Messenger’s Smokey Morning Mix, welcher deep shuffelnd amerikanischem house aus den mitt-neunzigern huldigt.

Release Date:
13.10.2010 (Beatport exclusive)
27.10.2010 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"Onur and Jason's mixes both really nice for me! Cheers!"
Moodymanc (Tsuba, Dessous, Freerange)

"Nice stripped down Onur Ozman Remix, very clever to only let the theme come through in the breakdown."
Elmar Schubert (Freerange, Satin Souls, Dieb Audio)

"onur's mix is the one"
Karol XVII & MB Valence (Loco Records, Loco Records Supreme)

"All of the tracks are good here. Solid."
Tedd Patterson (Connaisseur, Wave, Black Vinyl)

"top notch remixes! great work"
Latenta Project (Wafesurfing, Elevation, Proton)

"onur ozman remix is very nice!"
Mihai Popoviciu (Highgrade, Mood Music, Blu Fin)

"Onur Ozman and Jason Roc mixes are for me ! will play, thanks !"
Sezer Uysal (Afterglow, Brown Eyed Boyz, Loco)

"cool package, like it a lot"
Sin Plomo (Km5 Ibiza, Plastic City)

"Onur Ozman remix is for me!!! Good work!"
Kyka (Cabrio, Housetrap. One Thirty)

"I like the Messenger's Smokey Morning mix, it's really nice track!"
Zuat-Zu (Sophisticate, Etoka, Stupendous)

"Feeling messengers version here. Nice one ! Could u please email me a link to ? Will try to play."
DJ Electric (Deepology, Clubstar, Luckystars)

"The Messenger's made for me"
Christian Hawk (High Definition Records)

"the messenger's smokey morning remix for me"
Hisham Zahran (Union Jack, Dyami, Global Underground)

"Messenger's remix is so groovy!"
Nestora (Disclosure Project, Acryl Music, In Deep Records)

"I love It, Onur Ozman make a amazing remix !"
Yohan Esprada (Next Dimension, Deso, Underground Collective)

"all 3 are really good, but this time, I must say, i do like the Messenger's Smokey Morning mix. Well done."
Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica)

"Onur's and Jason's mixes for me, although the Messenger's mix doesn't disappoint either. Nice pack!"
Jon Silva (Pesto, Plastic City, Acryl Music)

"Already reviewed the first set of mixes for iDJ, this is a strong second set, can get a review on the blog"
Russel Deeks (iDJ Magazine, This Is Why We Dance Blog)

"Love the deep vibes on The Messenger's mix!"
DJ Inc (Tempo ATL, Proton Radio)

"Excellent deepness and moods once again - Acryl doing the business!"
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"Another smart EP as expected. Loving the BarBQ and messenger remix, (oldschool hammonds). Great mix of tracks on both part 1 and part 2 overall though."
JP Philippe (The Disclosure Project)

"All mixes very hot for the dance floor, my pick is Jason's remix - a silver bullet"
Craig Stewart (Mn2s, Acryl Music)

"Since I've been a fan of Onur Özman for a while now I am very happy to get this promo with his remix. The Messenger's very good as well - like always! thanx."
Nadja Lind (Klartraum)

"Thanx for the Promo, really love track 3 , is the one for me.."
Berny (Aenaria, Seamless)

"The Messenger always rock! Amazing duo!
10/10 for The Messenger remix."
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"Quality sound from Onur Ozman, Jason remix is very groovy and very well organize and as always, The Messenger with a funky sound. Thanks."
Addex (2600 Refords, Etoka, Love Zone)

"Supa cool grooves. Loving the Onur Ozman's remix."
Dan Welton (Rawthentic, Recovery Tech, Noir Music)

"Still playing the original, one of my favourites of the year!"
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess, Duff Note)

"My favourite is Onur Azman Remix!!!"
Ernesto Altés (Sendo Fuera, Ibiza Sonica, Just House)

"The Messenger Remix is my pick, really feel the vibes.
Best luck ;)"
Andrés Bela (Raw Cutz)

"nice single! onur ozman mix is my fav.
ivan rules!"
Herni Kohn (Clubstar, Conya)

"really loving onur ozman and messenger mixes. i would like to play these track !!! thanks !"
Paronator (Brown Eyed Boyz, Seamless)

"the messenger's mix is sweet. i like the basic groove, but gets a bit much for me at times. looking forward to the next one. thanks guys."
James What(Poker Flat, Dessous, Treibstoff)

"Flipping remix of Onur Ozman...This is a serious
deep tech remix with a lot of deepness and groove.
Fantasic...The best one!"
Alex V (Sophisticate, Night Drive, Justified Cause)

"BarBQ Remix is My Pick! You will have my support for sure!"
Edground (Grooveland, Brazilian Soul Crew)

"thanks for the promos .. like the melodies on all mixes,deep and beautiful !!! Will play for sure ..."
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"Loungesound for my Skyclub! Track 2 have nice Sphere! My Guest´s loved this! The Track 3 is good vor warm up un my Clubs! Acryl Music is great for individualism Clubsound! ;)"
Van Gold Virus (Ibiza 43)

"My favorite is the Groove Smokey Morning Mix,just cool."
Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge Radio)

Out now!

Ivan Enot-Morning (Incl. Remixes) out now!

Ivan Enot (Support House, Vendetta, Om Records) with his debut on Acryl Music.
'Morning' is one of those tunes we got sent and signed immediatly. The melodies, the harmonies...check it out and you know what we're talkin' about.
On the remixes we have BarBQ (Buzzin' Fly, Outside The Box) and Kimbar (Support House), delivering reduced and clubbier interpretations of 'Morning'.

Ivan Latyshev, besser bekannt als Ivan Enot (Support House) legt mit „Morning“ sein fantastisches Debüt für Acryl Music vor. Acryl Music 037 besticht durch Deepnes pur.

Kickende Beats, eine schnurrende Bassline und eine melodiöse Synthesizer-Melodie ergeben in „Morning“ eine Deep House Nummer in ihrer besten Form.

Abgerundet wird das Package mit zwei Remixes von BarBQ und Kimbar, welche „Morning“ ein triballastiges und discoid-housiges Kleid verpassen.

Release Date:
22.09.2010 (Beatport exclusive)
20.10.2010 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"original is cool"
Nick Warren (Global Underground, Bedrock)

"The original mix is just unbeatable. If the name 'beach house'hadn't been raped by commercial crap labels, I would call it just that."
Elmar Schubert (Freerange, Satin Souls)

"BarBq remix is very nice!"
Latenta Project (Wafesurfing, Deepology, Witty Tunes)

"Thanks for a great promo. great tracks, original and both remixes I really liked, I will definitely be playing these tracks in their sets, it is nice to hear a Russian release on Acryl"
Acos CoolKas (Brown Eyed Boyz, Nang, Discoteca)

"Like the original. Remixes by BarBQ and Kimbar are really great. Thanks."
Addex (Soul Industries, 2600 Records, Love Zone)

"Original is on the top for me. Deep, uplifting & spiritual. Will play in my radioshows on www.deepinradio.com and dj gigs."
Vincent Inc (Toto Recordings, Manuscript)

"Very positive vibe from Ivan Enot, and beautiful alternative to today's dark, techy, blip'n cuts. Full support for original and BarBQ mix."
Ocean Gaya (Love Zone, Plastic City, Acryl Music)

"Nice pack...Original is mine..Thanks!"
Elastic Sound (Aquamarine, Deepology)

"Kimbar remix is for me, thanks !"
Sezer Uysal (iRecords, Brown Eyed Boyz)

"Original has a terrific groove for the dance floor, love it"
Craig Stewart (Seamless, Mn2s, Coffee Bar Music)

"Love the remixes but original is great. Full support from me"
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica)

"Original is top of the pile here. Nice vibes!"
Richard Earnshaw (Guess, Farplane, Duff Note)

"Original is a summer hymn! Nice to see this one on Acryl!"
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"love the depth of it!! nice work!"
Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica, Deep Class)

"really nice EP, the original and Kimbar remix are my favorites. support"
Pad (In Deep Records)

"Kimbar Remix reflects the conception of the original mix. That's a vital thing while making a remix."
Onur Ozman (Rebirth, Acryl Music, Next Dimension)

"Not something i'd play out but the production is outstanding!"
Grant Nelson (Swing City, Hed Kandi, Z Records)

"WOW. just googled and checked all the available info about Ivan Enot and started to follow him wherever I have an account. maybe I missed something but thanks for putting his music in my way! the two remakes are quality stuff too but the original is that teared my head off - thanks for sharing mate!"
Bios (Acryl Music, Loud Society)

"Nice one..I like the old school style of Kimbar."
Alex V (Sophisticate, Justified Cause, Night Drive)

"All-around good release , but Kimbar remix stands out for me - quite unique sound considering how the genre(house) is so overproduced."
Microphunk (Deeper Shades)

"Heard this a few months ago and loved it... still do! The Balearic twist is cool on the remix...."
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess, Duff Note)

"Nice deep stuff...BarBq's remix is my pick!"
Nestora (Acryl Music, Disclosure Project, In Deep)

"Original mix although progressive is a really lovely track by Ivan, something I would enjoy getting down to in a club, full of atmosphere and melody."
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project, Elevation)

"An Astounding Piece of Work at the Drop of the Track!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"Like all mixes, thax for promo"
Deep-Maker (Acryl Music, Galvanic)

"BarBQ's for me"
Tom Morgan (Discoteca)

"Quality as always from Acryl, nice production, great sounds."
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"Thanks a lot for this promo. Super cool package. BarBQ Remix is ACE!!"
Dan Welton (Noir Music, Rawthentic, Mokilok)

"Full support! Nice"
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italia)

"Original is my fav!"
Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box)

"Nice one, love the original mix !!"
Bruno From Ibiza (Café Del Mar, Ibiza Sonica)

"nice vibe"
Kelly Sylvia (Simplified)

"Great track, great remixes!!! i really dig this and will support this,a pleasure to play"
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

BarBQ Remix is My Pick! You will have my support for sure!"
Edgound (Grooveland, Brazilian Soul Crew)

A nice blend of deep house and nu-disco on the Original, will support!"
Russel Deeks (iDJ Magazine, This Is Why We Dance Blog)

"Dig the 1st 1/2 of the bar BQ remix! the strings after the break don't do it for me. but over all i think this could rumble some dance floors.
I would defo play the 1st half!"
Jevne (One Thirty Recordings)

Out now!

iDJ Mag Review

Thank's Russel, but we're still swiss, not german :)

Timo Camillo-Dancing In The Rain E.P. out now worldwide!

Timo Camillo-Dancing In The Rain (Remixes) out now!

Elmar Schubert (Satin Souls, Freerange, Naked Music) conjurs a deep stomper out of  „Dancing In The Rain“ from Timo Camillos debut on Acryl Music. Elmar's remix captivates with kickin' drums, drifty chords, lot's of reverb and clicking percussions. Deep House at it's purest! 
Replika's (Conya, Head Tunes, Raw Cutz) interpretation bears deep with it's wafty pads,  the purring bassline, reverberative chords and a melodic synth-linie to complete that smooth remix.
Sunner Soul (Vintage Music) converts „Sandal Beads, Falling Leaf“ into a dodgy and dreamy slice of deepness. Pad chords flowing over a bubbly bassline and a shuffly beat while the Deep-Maker (Galvanic) remix comes around beautifully trippy. Reverbed chords andchirpi synth-lines guids you into a tech house journey, perfect for the morning hours!

Elmar Schubert (Satin Souls, Freerange, Naked Music) zaubert aus „Dancing In The Rain“ von Timo Camillos Debut-EP auf Acryl Music einen deepen Stomper. Elmar’s Remix besticht durch kickende Drums, treibende Chords, viel Hall und klickender Percussion. Deep House in reinster Form.
„Autumn Tea-Party At Small Cafe“ im Replika (Conya, Head Tunes, Raw Cutz) Remix fliesst deep in Richtung Ende. Wabernde Flächen, schnurrende Bassline und hallende Chords und eine melodiöse Synthesizer-Linie runden die smoothe interpretation ab.
Sunner Soul (Vintage Music) verwandeln „Sandal Beads, Falling Leaf“ in einen vertrackten und verträumten Deep Haus-Schieber. Flächige Akorrde fliessen über eine blubbernde Bassline und einen vertrackten und shuffelnden Beat. Deepnes Pur.
„Dancing In The Rain“ erhält im Deep Maker (Galvanic) Remix eine wunderbar trippige Note. Hallende Flächen umwabern eine perkussive, treibende Bassdrum. Dazwischen zirpen Synthi-Linien und blubbert die Bassline. Tech House für jede Afterhour.

Release Date:
20.08.2010 (Beatport exclusive)
03.09.2010 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"Excellent ep, all mixes are cool"
Nick Warren (Global Underground)

"Lovely deep action!"
Moodymanc (Dessous, Tsuba, Freerange)

"like the schubert remix, loose and grooving"
Tom Findlay (Groove Armada)

"will play Elmar Schubert Remix and Replika Remix also Cheers"
Andrés Bela (Raw Cutz Records)

"massive package! elmar's and replika remixes sounds good!"
Latenta Project (Wafesurfing, Elevation, Proton)

"loving elmar and deepmakers remixes"
Hisham Zahran (Union Jack, Acryl Music)

"Great release!Overall a very balanced release. My favorite track is Replika Remix"
Zuat-Zu (Sophisticate)

"Thanx for the promo mate...Diggin Replika's and Deep Maker's Remixes!"
Nestora (Acryl Music, Disclosure Porject, In Deep)

"Replika is cool for my early sets! Support."
Christian Hawk (High Definition)

"Some nice deep tracks here varying shades of deep vibes going on
The elmar schubert mix would be the pick here with its minimal groove easy
to use in mixes."
Mr. Jones (The Disclosure Project)

"Replikas mix is the ONE here for me looking forward to playing this out."
Erefaan Pearce (Undertones, Pin Up)

"Elmar's mix sounds cool, would love a link to all though"
Tom Morgan (Discoteca Music)

"as someone who was lucky enough to be able to spin Timo's original demo
mixes long before they were ever officially released, I can't wait to use
these mixes to extend the "Timo Corner" in my sets. The Replika and Sunner
Soul mixes are particularly deep"
Terre Thaemlitz (DJ Sprinkles, Comatonse, Mule Musiq)

"Elmar's mix sounds cool, would love a link to all though"
Ricky Inch (Cabrio, Ceremony, Dyami)

"Woaaaaw man!!! My fav release so far!!!!
I loved so much the replika remix and the and the Sunner soul too!!!!!
Blimey!!!!!!! Elmar mix is great too..."
Each (Sun City Orchestra)

"This is very nice package of the remixes. Dig it."
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"My favorite Replika Remix! Always deep&sexy!
and the sunner soul remix is hot!!!"
Cem (Pacha, Pure Passion)

"another fantastic release!"
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"yeah all tracks on this have a nice feel to them...standout is the elmar
schubert remix.great job!"
Nic Carter (Pacha Ibiza)

Nice release again..I love replika's rmx.."
Alex V (Sophisticate, Night Drive)

"the Sunner Soul Remix is my
favourite. Strong smooth deep with uplifting dancefloor sound. Fulll
Vincent Inc. (Manuscript Remix)

"Nice pack of Remixes. Party At Small Cafe (Replika Remix) is our favorite!
Full support!"
The Messenger (Soul Industries, Plastic City)

"4 Great Remixes here but i Love the Replika Remix the most here..."
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic, Nightbird, Guess)

"All 4 tunes are just wicked! Full support on my radio shows!!"
Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica, Deep Class Records)

"Melodically Astounding In Every Sense From The Dance!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"Replika Remix: This Track is very good to play in my Loungeclub's! Great!
I play this in my warm up sets on Ibiza!
Van Gold Virus (Ibiza 54)

"Super track, I like the mood & melody,nice deep house tunes!!! I will test it for sure in my next dj sets and radioshows..."
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

Out now!

Ocean Gaya-Think Global (Incl. Terry Lee Brown jr. Remix) still hot!

Timo Camillo-Dancing In The Rain E.P. out now!

Timur Zarudny, better known as Timo Camillo (Galvanic Records) with his debut on Acryl Music. Release number 035 attracts with deepness at it's purest.

Dubby vibes, smooth basslines and melting pad's resulting in techy deep house at it's very best!

Release Date:
28.07.2010 (Beatport exclusive)
18.08.2010 (Worldwide)
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DJ Feedbacks:

"we feel Sandal Beads, Falling Leaf"
Karol XVII & MB Valence (Loco Records, Loco Records Supreme)

"very nice mellow tracks! Autumn tea is wikkid!"
Latenta Project (Wavesurfing, Plastic City, Sick Watona)

"Nice deep EP...great flow in all tracks...Sandal beads, Falling Leaf is our favorite. Thanks!"
The Messenger (Soul Industries)

"3 nice n deep trax here... "Autumn Tea Party At Small Cafe" Being My Favorite....."
Mr. Cenzo (Blacksoul, MidiDropMusic, Guess)

"Very relaxing and deep mood in these tracks!
Perfect deep for this hot summer.Very Cool!
My Support again...thanks"
Alex V (Sopgisticate, Justified Cause, Night Drive)

"his ep is fantastic!!!I like this release because I would like moody deephouse sound.I love them ... all tracks are very goods"
Bobi (Club FM)

"Nice release but I only like Autumn Tea Party. The other tunes seem not in
the same level for me."
Onur Ozman (Acryl Music, Rebirth, 2600)

"Gorgeous tracks again! Thanks"
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"Yeah! i like it ;) Autumn Tea is the pick for me. Will support!"
Andrés Bela (Raw Cutz Records)

"Party At Small Cafe" is nice lazy pre-party stuff."
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"Autumn tea party is my PICK!!!"
Nestora (Disclosure Project, Acryl Music, In Deep Records)

"Autumn tea party at smal cafè is the best for me!"
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italy)

"fantastic realy deep sound. all support on radio and live beach sesion."
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)

"cool tracks, full support!"
Matthieu Alline (Pack Up And Dance)

i found the 3 tracks rally interesting, perfect for my radio show."
Bruno From Ibiza (Café Del Mar, Conya Pesto)

Yep, another winner from Acryl... and the good news is, this one's
actually in time for an iDJ review"
Russel Deeks (iDJ Magazine, This Is Why We Dance)

Really nice. I will play Tea Party at small cafe :D"
Edground (Grooveland)

love it , great vibe and perfect warm up stuff for me "
Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box)

Love that deep mate. Full support."
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica)

Out now!

In The Night Vol. 3 out now on iTunes!

In The Night Vol. 3 out now on iTunes incl. the "iTunes exclusive" DJ Mix by label head honcho Da Funk! Don't sleep!

Ibiza 2010@Klang Der Nacht Blog

Ibiza 2010: Der bericht zur detaillierten nachlese, jetzt auf dem "Klang Der Nacht" blog!

Ibiza bietet wunderschöne Landschaften, ein azurblaues Meer und traumhafte Strände. Ibiza bietet aber auch eine Feierszene die alle anderen Destinationen in den Schatten stellt. Berlin mal ausgenommen, vielleicht.

Zumindest ist der Vibe auf der Insel beim Feiern einiges lockerer als an allen anderen Feierdestinationen. Was wir alles erlebt haben gibt's detailliert nachzulesen auf
"Klang Der Nacht", dem blog!

Lesen strengstens empfohlen!

Ocean Gaya-Think Global / Some Things Remixes out now!

Here they are, the additional remixes of Ocean Gayas's superb "Think Global E.P.".
Now on board to wreck the ship: Adam Jace, Bios, the Disclosure Project, and Nestora.

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DJ Feedbacks:

"The Disclosure Project mix is my favourite of the whole package. Very
subtle, nice morning material."
Elmar Schubert (Satin Soul, Naked Music, Freerange)

"Really like the whole package.......Adam Jace is my favorite...
Well done Señores!"
Al Velilla (Om Records, Modern Electrics, Smoke & Mirrors)

"Whole package is really nice but Bios' mix is my fav."
Onur Ozman (Rebirth, Acryl Music, Soul Industries)

"great pack. as usual my favorite is adam's mix :)"
Timo Camillo (Tea Drops Music, Acryl Music)

"Nice new mixes... just started a Mixcloud show so looking forward to playing this on there!"
Russel Deeks (iDJ Magazine, This Is Why We Dance)

"Hi dany Great Release. Dig the Adam jace Remix, biiiiig..."
Andy Bach (Young Society, Society 3.0, Zaubermilch)

"adam jace mix is dope... dnld please. thx!"
Mathias Schober (Compost Black Label)

"Bios' remix is supurb!"
Adam Jace (Elevation, Thug, Plastic City)

"Hey mate...Hope you are doin it well!
5* On Disclosure Project Remix and Bios Dub!"
Nestora (Acryl Music, Disclosure Project)

"Like the Disclosure Project remix, excellent mix!
Would love a link to that"
Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box)

"This updated remixes are really nice. Thanks"
Addex (Loco Records, Soul Industries)

"hey mate, Disclosure Project Remix for me.love his style!layer pads and nice grooves!"
Satoshi Fumi (Urban Torque, Apt. International, Outerspace)

"The Picks for me here are the "Nestora & Disclosure Project" Remixes....
Nestora being my favorite as had a nice flow to this one..."
Cenzo Scoglio (MidiDropMusic, Ready Mix, Guess)

"This release is really amazing! I’m loving all 4 tracks,Playing them all but the The Disclosure Project Remix & Nestora Remix is my fav.full support"
Bobi (Club Fm Radio)

"Nestora Remix & Bios Dusty Winds Dub) are the one for me
Both great tracks with a lot of flow..."
Alex V (Sophisticate Recordings, Night Drive)

"Excellent release, I am very much liked the original Some Things and two
amazing remixes from Soul Minority and The Disclosure Project. Congratulations with a great release"
Acos KoolKas (Force Inc., Acryl Music)

"Thanx for the Promo. All of them got nice character and vibes, but i like more in here the Bios Dusty Winds Dub & Disclosure Project Remix of "Some Things" - cool stuff"
Ricky Inch (Cabrio, Deepology)

"I feel nestora and disclosure-project-remix. will play and support"
DJ Electric (Deepology)

"Bios' Dusty Wind's Dub my fav"
Francesco Farfa (Ibiza Sonica)

"continuing the glorios Acryl sounds!"
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

"great stuff as always here, my fave is Bio's mix, great flow
please send all mixes, thanks bro!"
Dibby Dougherty (Yello, Dutchie, Dyami)

"Adam Jace and Disclosure Project workout the best for me!"
Fabien Kamb (Low Flow, Body Rhythm, Neurotraxx)

"Lovely Stuff, Please send.....:)"
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"The Disclosure Project Remix is the best for me!
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italia)

"nestora remix and disclosure remix is in my case! And for sure I will play that often! :) Great tunes!"
Cem (Pure Passion, Pacha)

"wow adam jaces nice tribal chugger! I will defo play this over the weekend thanks"
Jevne (One Thirty)

"this sounds wicked! we would love a link from the ep! we would defp try it out"
Latenta Project (Wafesurfing, Proton)

Out now!

Ocean Gaya-Think Global E.P. Review

Ocean Gaya-Think Global EP | Acryl Music | ACRM033
Another new label to the untitledmusic supporters club and what an intro! Pulsating deepness with a rich sound kicks us off with Think Global - a tune right up my street, zany chords and melodic drifts. It wraps you up in the sound. And it goes from strength to strength, dropping in some techier edges and plenty more dreamy drifts and melodic builds.

Richie Hartness (Untitled Music)

In The Night Vol. 3 Review

Russel Deeks (i-DJ Magazine) reviewed our "In The Night Vol. 3"
on his "This Is Why We Dance" Blog.

Link to the full article, here

Ocean Gaya-Think Global E.P. out now!

For Acryl Music’s 33rd release we have Yann Mazé better known as Ocean Gaya (Love Zone Records, Plastic City) with a deep yet techy love affair. Beautiful textures and layers underlined with grooves you can’t resist, that’s Yann’s unmistakable trademark sound.

On the remixes we have unified the crème de la crème of contemporary house music. We don’t think we have to tell you something about Terry Lee Brown Junior (Plastic City), Soul Minority (Stratospherik) or Jon Silva (Pesto) do we?
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DJ Feedbacks:

"greatest  tune is from Terry!!! Soul Minority.and Jon Silva's tracks are cool too. riginals are smooth so all the ep is great."
Karol XVII & MB Valence (Loco Records)

"Originals are amazing. The remixes are great, very danceable too. Jon Silva and Soul Minority are deep. Terry Lee Brown Jr. remix is summer vibe tune. Love that bass. Thanks."
Addex (Loco Records, Soul Industries)

"every single tune that comes from these artists and on this label, can not be bad!!"
Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica)

"Soul Minority's every tune, his every remix are the perfect diamonds! Full
support for Soul Minority remix!"
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"Cool Stuff, and great set of mixes...."
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess, Duff Note)

"Thanks for sending me ;) Soul Minority and Terry Lee Brown are my picks .. really cool release."
Andés Bela (Raw Cutz Records)

"It is always a great joy when i hear Ocean Gaya. This material is for collectors of music. Excellent originals and remixes. Thank you so much for sending."
Pablo Fierro (I Records, Stratospherik)

"terry lee brown jr. remix!"
Charlie Tarr (Data Transmission)

"all Releases from Ocean confirms the great class of this artist. There is nothing more than to sink our ears in these beautiful sounds.Massive Ep.Love other mixes as well. Full Support."
Sebastian Oscilla (Neurotraxx Deluxe, Starlight Music)

"love the deepness on terry lee and soul minority remixes.good luck
with it"
Evren Ulusoy (Proton, Loco, Nightdrive, Readymix)

"Full support, great tracks right up my alley...."
Oscar P (Media Services NYC)

"Most def feeling jon silvas mix!!will support for sure!"
Johnny Fiasco (OM Records, Agave, Cajual)

"Thank you, guys! Oli's mix is my fav..."
Elastic Sound (Deepology, Aquamarine)

"love it! soul minority and terry lee brown are for me. will support it!"
Marco Berto (Big City Beats, Deep Love)

"Some Things (Original): Love the lush vibes and deep kick."
Nick Polit (Nervous Records)

"TLBJ mix for me"
Dave Storm (Ceremony Records, Cabrio)

"Thanks for the promo. Soul Minority's remix rocks."
Dan Welton (Shove, Adjust, Mokilok)

"Terry's remix sounds good - nice one!"
Fabien Kamb (Low Flow, Body Rhythm)

"great stuff matey, let me get the soul minority and the terry mix :)"
Juan Mejia (Dutchie Music, Grouper)

"Nice package, my favorites are Some Things with both remixes, i'll play them :) thanks for the promo"
Pad (In Deep Records)

"Wicked stuff as ever from Acryl, got a gig this Sat and think this might have to be first record!"
Russel Deeks (iDJ Magazine, This Is Why We Dance)

"Thank You for the music! Very nice EP. Love them all in here - very chill and smooth originals and bit more goovy remixes. If i would choose the most of the most i would say Soul Minority remix out of "Some Things", but i love them all !"
Ricky Inch (Cabrio, Aquamraine, Brown Eyed Boyz)

"thanks, solid deep release, like every track, but soul minority remix the best!"
Andy Bach (Young Society Rec., Society 3.0 Rec.)

"Great package this. like all the tracks!! so please fire over.
best is soul minority mix! deep"
Nic Carter Johnson (Pacha Ibiza)

"Brilliant deep house package, real afterhours feel - "Soul Minority" & "Think Global" are superb"
Craig Stewart (Raunchy Rhythms Radio)

"TLBJ and Soul Minority's for me"
Tom Morgan (Discoteca Music)

"Great release again! From deep to tech-house sounds,
I like all tracks but I really love ocean-gaya-some-things and
soul-minority-remix..Nice and cubby deep!"
Alex V (Night Drive Music, Sophisticated)

"Amazing release from Acryl Music, Teery Lee Brown and Soul Minority Mix for
me ! It's real Deephouse music."
Yohan Esprada (Underground Collective Records)

"I like all tracks. Favourites for me are soul minority & terry lee brown."
DJ Electric (Deepology, Luckystars)

"Some Things Original,Soul Minority Mix and Jon Silva are Superb! Actually the
whole release is a bomb. We like it a lot. Full support."
The Messenger (Soul Industries, Night Drive Music, Plastic City)

"my favourite is soul minority (will have it on my next top ten ), I like laso the Terry Lee brown mix"
Bruno From Ibiza (Ibiza Sonica)

"The best for me is Terry Lee Brown Junior Rmx. Max Support!"
Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove)

"brilliant stuff as always from Soul Minority!"
Steve Mill (Urban Torque, Elevation)

"deep'n'laid-back one... congratz on that one!"
Krummstoff (Low Flow, In Deep Records)

"terry lee brown jr remix: the master did it again... nice!"
Lou Lamar (Ibiza Global Radio)

"so much goodness here... Ocean Gaya, TLB, JR, Onur Ozman, Silva... can't wait to support!"
DJ Inc (Tempo ATL, Proton)

Supurb release. Terry's mix hits the right deep and lush spot, but Jon Silva's mix is the one for me here. Has a great edge to original mix. Top stuff from Acryl as expected."
Adam Jace (Plastic City, Elevation, Thug)

What a great release, with great remixes, Production is excellent. Works proper for opening or late night grooves.
I can't really pick a favorite,great warm deep house love it"
Bobi (Club FM)

"Melodically Astounding In Every Sense From The Dance"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

Yet Another Wicked Release.... All Tracks Get My Full Support.... 10/10"
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic, Acryl Music, Guess)

Very solid release on Acryl! Like the Og quite a bit but I can defo see playing the Sm & the TLBJ mixes as well! this release will do great I am sure!"
Jevne Miller (One Thirty Recordings)

"i love Think Global-Original and Terry's remix.beautiful stuffs!will play and support:)"
Satoshi Fumi (Klik, UrbanTorque, Outerspace)

"Really nice release!! I like all tracks but "Think Global" is my favourite! 8/10"
Zuat Zu (Sophisticated)

great stuff dude ! :)"
Eelke Kleijn (Outside The Box)

Think Global Original and Some Things (Soul Minority Remix) are my favorites!
Beautiful to play in the morning! Full support!"
Cem (Pacha, Pure Passion)

Terry Lee Brown Awesome Remix, U Will Have My Support For Sure"
Edground (Grooveland)

i like all mixes"
Francesco Farfa (Ibiza Sonica)

great deepstuff release. thanks for making music for deepheads like me."
Timo Camillo (Acryl Music, Teadrop)

Out now!

Acrly Music@Radio 1

Acryl Music's In The Night Vol. 3 Compilation vorgestellt auf Radio 1

Freitag, 21. Mai 2010
20:00 - 0:00 Uhr
Moderator: Robert Meyer (Minus 8)
Die erste Lounge-Sendung nur für Erwachsene.
Radio 1, FM 93.6

Da Funk Interview with Samuel Volken (Radio 1) by Da Funk

In The Night Vol. 3 out now on junodownload.com!

Acryl Music Presents: In The Night Vol. 3 out now!

Acry Music Presents: In The Night Vol. 3
Here it is, the long awaited Volume 3 in our "In The Night" series. Packed with brand new and previously unreleased house nuggets, carefully selected from upocming Acryl singles alongside distinguished works from our back catalogue by both well established artists and rising talents.

Release Date:
23.04.2010 (Beatport exclusive)
21.05.2010 (all other stores)


1) Timo Camillo-Sandal Beads, Falling Leaf
2) Deep-Maker-Smells Like Teen Spirit
3) Sunner Soul-The Circles
4) Craig Stewart-Make Me
5) Ivan Enot-Morning
6) Nestora-Movement (Ross Couch Remix)
7) Ocean Gaya-Some Things
8) De Jean & Bach-Night Flight
9) Onur Ozman-Change
10) Fer Ferrari-Looking Ahead
11) Karol XVII & MB Valence-Doped
12) Agent Matteo-Feel My Vibe
13) Da Funk-Gloomy Scene
14) MidiDropMusic-The Release (Dos Compadres Taco Truck Remix)
15) Helly Larson- Can't Come Down

Out now!
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Still available, still hot: In The Night Vol. 2

Da Funk Interview@After Dark Mix Sessions

Da Funk Interview@After Dark Mix Sessions  by  Da Funk

Da Funk Telephone Interview With Craig Stewart@After Dark Mix Sessions On Raunchy Rhythms Radio.
Aired: Sunday, March 14th, 2010
Raunchy Rhythms Radio, UK


Nestora-Movement E.P. out now!

Nestora, a greek producer and DJ with releases on Support House, Disclosure Project and a track on our “In the Night Vol. 2” compilation together with Lowell, with his first solo release on Acryl Music. Movement comes along deep & chilled with a slight techy feel. If you loved Plastic City’s old stuff, this is for you!

On the remixes we have Ross Couch, well known for his superb track’s on his own Body Rhythm imprint, Bios a newcomer from Hungary (who already proved his producing and remixing skills on past Acryl releases) and last but not least Yohan Esprada, the frenchman known from releases on Next Dimension, Deep Class and Linda.
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DJ Feedbacks:

"Nice stuff.....particularly liked ross' mix..."
Moodymanc (Dessous, Tsuba, Freerange)

"Thanks for the promo,
I like both the original and Yohan Esprada mixes..."
Soul Minority (Pack Up And Dance, Elevation, Kolour)

"A very positive start with a dedicated progressive feeling to it in all of the versions on the EP. I'll be surely spinning Ross' re-rub and also will make sure to give it an airplay within the bound of our radio-show of Low Flow Sessions on Radio Ibiza Sonica. Just the right thang!"
Fabien Kamb (Low Flow, Neurotraxx, Body Rhythm)

"My pick here would be the Ross Couch remix - bit more of that deeper feeling inside and not too much flow on the beat. So makes it sound bit better for me"
Ricky Inch (Cabrio, Deepology)

"An Excellent piece of work worth more than just a listen or two!"
Delmar Browne (AOL Radio)

"Again, very nice release... the original mix and yohan esprada edit are my favs. I also have a weakness for Ross Couch remix. Keep the vibe up !"
Ocean Gaya (Plastic City, Love Zone, Acryl Music)

"Outstanding release, 5 silver bullets for the dance floor, my pick “Ross Couch”
Craig Stewart (Raunchy Rhythms Radio)

"Sounds great...really chilled and sweet grooves.My picks are:
ross-couch-remix and techtonik-remix, they are fantastic!"
Alex V (Sophisticate Recordings, Sweetleaf)

"original for me! nice one"
Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya, Soulstar)

"Original and Ross Couch remix do it for me, lovely!"
Spin Science (Urban Torque, Cabrio, Add 2 Basket)

"Ross Couch delivering his usual high standard of production. Ross on top of the pile for me"
Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser, Duff Note, Guess)

"Hi mate thanks for this one.... The Pick for me here is the "Bio's Flying Strings Mix" Cheers...."
Mr. Cenzo (MidiDropMusic, Guess, Sophisticated)

"Original mix for me, love them stabs, very nice tune"
Dibby Dougherty (Global Underground, Audio Therapy, Dyami)

"mega sound .... conplimenti :-) "
Domenico Carluccio (4 Records)

"Good Release, my fav is Ross Couch mix, Full support"
Fer Ferrari (Deep Class Records)

"Quality speaks for it self.Full support.Will play all remixes."
Sebastian Oscilla (Neurotraxx Deluxe , DeepClass Records)

"Nice dreamy original mix. I will probably end up playing the more functional Yohan Esprada mix though."
Elmar Schubert (Polyphonics, Satin Souls, Naked Music)

"nestoras made a nice original here, this ones the favourite here.
ross had made some nice edits on his mix and added a cool chunky groove."
Paul Jones (Disclosure Project, Farmhaus, Elevation)

"Hey nice sounds in the whole release! Ross's mix is the stand out for me!"
Jevne Miller (One Thirty Recordings)

"It's exelent release, i like all tracks but original and Yohan Esprada Mix my fav. Will play it on the radio and in my sets!
Deep-Maker (Deep Technology, Aquamarine, Acryl Music)

"I like the original, but the Ross Couch mix will certainly be the one getting the club play from me. Superb bass motion. It's also a contender for the next Invisible Airwaves radio show. Cheers for sending .."
Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eight Dimension, Nrk, Astralwerks)

"I pick Ross Couch's. A very professional remix."
Onur Ozman (Rebirth, Acryl Music, 2600 Records)

"very good stuff here! i love the original mix."
Francesco Farfa (Farfa Sound, Ibiza Sonica)

"Yeahhhhhhh. Hello amigo.... Super nice release....
My favourites are Origianl and Ross Couch mix.-... Full suport from Ibiza Sonica"
Ernesto Altés (Sendos Fuera, Extremely House Music, Ibiza Sonica)

"cool track. like all the mixes."
Bamo (Spiritchaser, Guess, Duff Note)

Really loving Movement original mix of this one,Big fan of this  sound.
The Ross Couch mix  is my pick for playing out, but all mixes are strong."
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

"played Ross Couch Remix on Loudeast FM Radio Show"
Nacho Marco (Freerange, Loudeast, Om Records)

Original for us. This is great deep-proggy tune! Like it! Will support."
Feodeor & Elena (AMDJS Radio Show)

Original and Ross Couch rmx sounds great for us. full support! :)
Latenta Project (Proton, Wavesurfing)

like ross couch mix the best, will play and chart, thank you."
Andy Bach (Young Society Records, Zaubermilch)

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